Cover Your Counters in a New Color

Cover Your Counters in a New Color

Porcelain countertop refinishing headquartered in North Highlands, CA

If you’re looking for an easy kitchen upgrade, make your counters pop with help from our refinishing specialist at Craftsman Refinishing, Inc. Our technicians will transform your tile or laminate countertops into stunning porcelain masterpieces that look exactly like granite. Choose solid colors or natural finishes to get the speckled granite look.

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3 reasons to cover your countertops with porcelain resurfacing

If your interior design choices change like the seasons, you need an affordable way to keep up with your new ideas. Resurface your kitchen or bathroom countertops to:

  1. Add value at a low investment
  2. Switch up the colors in your space
  3. Make old counters appear brand new

To schedule an appointment for porcelain resurfacing in the North Highlands, CA area, call 916-532-5059 today.